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Woolmore’s Fine Foods make delicious biscuits for any occasion as well as key gourmet staples for your pantry ensuring unique and delicious meals for the amateur chef!

For recipes utilisling our products to ensure that even the easiest dishes taste restaurant quality check out our RECIPE section.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” – Oscar Wilde

The gourmet essentials-

Sticky Balsamic Range (gluten free)-


In 1046, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III was given a silver bottle containing a celebrated vinegar while passing through a town. The record of this visit is said to be the first written reference to balsamic vinegar.

Sticky Balsamic Vinegar is a versatile product: a precious condiment loved by chefs and food enthusiasts throughout the world. The strength of the product lies in its being able to balance and harmonize the characteristics of the individual ingredients of a dish.

Usage: Ideal for giving the finishing flavour to everyday “quick” meals and enhancing your favourite dish, ensuring delight from the eater. Often drizzled on the plate to decorate as well as enhance the flavours of meats, fish, salads and fruits. There are no limits to what dishes balsamic vinegars can be cooked with or drizzled on. Below we have three very different and delicious flavours ensuring variety and flavour for every meal, making even a quick meal taste restaurant quality.

Sticky Balsamic Vinegar (gluten free) –


Use as a salad dressing. Drizzle on roast vegetables or meat as it rests. Beautiful with Mediterranean fruits and vegetables such as figs, tomatoes, bitter lettuce and aubergine. Deglaze your pan pan before making a sauce or gravy. Drizzle over a risotto just before serving. Serve as part of a cheese platter.

Orange Scented Balsamic Vinegar (gluten free)-


Fantastic with duck, pork or chicken. Use as a salad dressing, or a marinade. Drizzle over baked apples and ice-cream or chocolate desserts. Marinate with strawberries for 2 hours before serving with ice-cream.

Star Anise Balsamic Vinegar (gluten free)-


This asian flavour can be used in either sweet or savoury cooking. Drizzle over mango or banana and ice-cream. Use as a marinade for tofu, red meat or poultry, Drizzle when serving pan- fried fish or natural oysters. Lovely with an asian meal or vegetable salad.

Preserved Lemons  (gluten free)-


Preserved lemon is an ingredient that is common in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. A huge influence in Moroccan dishes and ideal for chicken, beef tagines and cous cous salads just to name a few. Preserved over time in lemon juice, rock salt and spices to ensure a strong but delicate flavour.

There are an infinite number of Middle Eastern recipes that include preserved lemons. A slice enlivens a stuffing or is a marvellous garnish for grilled poultry or fish. To use, remove the lemons from the jar using a wooden spoon. Rinse cut away the pulp, slicing or chopping the peel into pieces.

Our sweet and savoury gourmet range-

Parmesan Cheese Biscuits (150g) –

The ultimate cheese platter essential. Perfect with a glass of wine with before dinner nibbles. With a soft crunch and a delicate spice and cheesy after taste these biscuits will be your go to guilty pleasure.

Florentines (190g) –

An old classic, a sweet biscuit consisting of glace cherries, cornflakes nuts, and sultanas with a generous bottom coating of the finest chocolate that melts in your mouth. The perfect bag of biscuits to take when you need a crowd pleaser.

100’s & 1000’s biscuits (150g)-

Fun and yummy. These biscuits are perfect for children and all ages. A soft buttery biscuit with a crunchy and sweet icing, delicious with a cup of tea.

Orange kisses (200g) –

Light, buttery and deliciously citrus. Our Orange Kisses have always been a popular product, perfect for an afternoon tea.

Anzac biscuits (190g) –

We are proud to support Legacy.
When you buy a bag of Woolmore’s Anzac Biscuits part proceeds will be donated to Legacy. As a family business we want to support other families, particularly those who have made great sacrifices and served our country and deserve the community’s support.

Persian Pistachio Biscuits (200g) –

The ideal product for people who prefer savoury tasting biscuits but with a touch of sweetness. Enjoy the dynamic Persian tastes of rose water, pistachios and spices with a drizzle of white chocolate.

Gluten Free- Lemon Poppy Seed Biscuits (180g)-

Featuring a lemon icing on top. The Lemon Poppy seed biscuits are soft and buttery, you can’t even tell they are Gluten Free. With a beautiful lemon taste, these biscuits are made with Australian butter, fresh lemon juice and zest. Something the whole family will love!

Chocolate Mint Dreams (200g) –

The latest addition to our range, Chocolate Mint Dreams. The perfect after dinner treat. Featuring a delicate creamy peppermint flavour with a dark chocolate biscuit to finish it off. Definitely a new favourite!

At Woolmore’s Fine Foods we are constantly changing and thinking of new gourmet essentials for our customers, stay tuned for new additions……

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  1. Louise Lawson. says:

    I use the orange balsamic over a beetroot, leek and goat cheese galette. It is sooooo yummy. I think I have bought 12 bottles by now!

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